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Amateurfunk Bandpläne für Österreich von 50 MHz bis 3000 GHz

144 – 146 MHz Bandplan Frequenz [MHz] Maximale Bandbreite Betriebsart Nutzung 144,000 – 144,025 2700 Hz Alle Nicht-exklusiv: Satelliten downlink 144,025 – 144,100 500 Hz Telegrafie / Erde-Mond-Erde 144,050: Telegrafie Aktivitätszentrum

3500XLT Band Plan 3

 · As noted elsewhere, whilst Band Plan 3 is the best option for this scanner in the UK, it is imperfect in that the lower half of VHF band III is incorrect. Courtesy of Mark''s Scanners, here are the band plans. The one in question is: 174.000-215.950MHz WFM 50MHz

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 · This is basically the bandplan overlay to the bandwidth regulation scheme in that region. I would not be supprised to see a petition from Winlinkers seeking the FCC''s adoption of the international plan. Same tactic as used by NCI in seeking the removal of the code ...

[FF14]エターナルバンド プラチナプランパターン

エターナルセレモニーのプラチナプランでべるパターンのサンプルです。のれは、ゴンドラで→いて→カジュアル ...


Die Detailangaben im Bandplan sind als "empfohlene Nutzung" zu verstehen! 5351.5 – 5354.0 kHz: CW, Schmalband-Sendearten 5354.0 – 5366.0 kHz: alle Sendearten 5366.0 – 5366.5 kHz: Schmalband-Sendearten für schwächste Signale Für SSB soll im

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A Request for a Disclaimer to be Added to the PH Bandplan …

Hello! Thank you very much for adding the Philippine bandplan to QRM. However, I noticed several errors in the bandplan. The bandplan appears to be out of date already and incorrect. Also, the bandplan is an incomplete bandplan and only ...

Unitrunker and rebanded band plan...only partly working | …

 · Unitrunker version I am trying to use unitrunker on a rebanded 800mhz trunk system motorola type 2 p16 system. Anyway only the lcn''s with values above 440 are showing off freq, like in the 862-863 area. Other lcn''s below that (like 60''s 80''s 110''s) are showing the freq correctly. I...

Fixed bandplan hoplists and starting from zero · Issue #13 · …

My understanding is a little weak here, but I noticed that every time I reset the LMIC stack on AU915 (fixed bandplan) I get the same frequency for the first packet. That led me down a rabbit-hole. Some questions: This seems to be where ...


Ein Frequenzplan, Bandplan, Bandplan oder Wellenlängenplan ist ein Plan zur Verwendung eines bestimmten Bandes von Funkfrequenzen, die Teil des elektromagnetischen Spektrums sind. Jeder Frequenzplan definiert den Frequenzbereich, der einbezogen werden soll, wie Kanäle definiert werden sollen und was auf diesen Kanälen übertragen wird.

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HF Bandplan Entries. Terry Gaff #24848 Hi All, I''ve pasted below my own entries for the shortwave section of the SDR# bandplan.xml file. I don''t claim it to be perfect but I think it''s pretty close after having consulted several Perhaps it''s accuracy (or lack of it) is ...

Amateur Radio Band Plan Layout by dxzone

Amateur Radio Band Plan Layout by dxzone The right edge is ''tabbed'' with the bands in both numbers, and in a colored tab that uses the resistor color code to represent the band name. i.e. Red, Black for 2, 0 or 20 Meters. The B&W version has spaces

Bandplan 430-440 MHz (70 cm) (N-Licence) – PD3JDM

Ondergrens Mhz. (UHF) Bovengrens Mhz. (UHF) Mode Gebruik 430.000 431.981 sub-regionaal nationale bandplanning 430.0125 430.3875 NBFM FM relais uitgangen, 12,5 kHz raster, 1,6 MHz shift (F/ON/PA) 430.400 430.5875 Digitale relais ingangen, 12,5 kHz

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 · Nah it would still be the same as operating on 3.80000 It would be probably worse to operate LSB on 3.800 since you got some licensed users immediately south of that frequency! Quote[/b] (KC9JIQ @ Nov. 23 2007,15:35)]according to the bandplan you can run ...

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Die Band Plan B. 10 likes. Rock, Blues über Reggae bis…, lasst Euch überraschen…,zögert nicht fragt uns an.

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 · BAND PLAN KURZWELLE PDF - 2-Element parasitic Yagis by DK7ZB for the Shortwave-Bands 10mm. Details of a dismantable Yagi built by DL2RMC for portable use see down.

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A bandplan or band plan is a plan for using a particular band of radio frequencies, that are a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.Each bandplan defines the frequency range to be included, how channels are to be defined, and what will be carried on those channels. are to be defined, and what will be carried on those channels.

Plan B

Plan B - The Band. 195 likes. The greatest Lehigh University ska/punk/alternative band in the world. Come check us out this Wednesday on Lehigh''s front lawn! We''ll be coming out with a new set and just as much awesome ska!!

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All the Japanese AmateurRadio band plans Jan 5, 2015 bandplan 220, bandplan 144 mhz 2m, bandplan 432 mhz 70 cm, bandplan 50 mhz 6m, bandplan 900, bandplan, bandplan, RAC 0 – 30 MHz Band Plan Post a Comment Thanks for your comments, Comments


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Suggestions for what to add to a Bandplan! · Issue #6 · Arrin …

 · If you have suggestions for something to add to a bandplan you can mention it here! Since there are so many things across the spectrum, I am bound to overlook something or not be familiar enough with a frequency or station and end up mak...

Band Plan for importing

 · Swisslog''s Forum › Swisslog version 5.x › User files for Swisslog Band Plan for importing

Amateur Radio bandplan for Europe IARU Reagion 1 PDF …

Get the PDF file here https://


Kurzwellen-Bandplan Schmalband-Sendearten für schwächste Signale siehe NOTIZEN IARU Region 1 Gültig ab 1. Juni 2016 Editiert von DK4VW FREQUENZ-SEGMENT (kHz) (Hz) 18068 - 18095 200 CW 18086 kHz - QRP ...

Bandplan 70cm, 430

Bandplan 70cm, 430 - 440 MHz Zuweisung Nutzung 430.000-431.975 Subregionale Bandplanung 430.000 MHz NBFM/DV Simplex (2) 432.000-432.100 CW CW, Telegrafie Anruffrequenz Telegrafie SSB Anruffrequenz 432.100-432.399 SSB/Telegrafie APRS

70-Zentimeter-Band – Wikipedia

Als 70-Zentimeter-Band bezeichnet man den Frequenzbereich von 400 MHz bis 470 MHz r Name leitet sich von der ungefähren Wellenlänge dieses Frequenzbereiches ab. Dieser Frequenzbereich wird von Betriebsfunk, BOS-Funk sowie dem Amateurfunkdienst (primäre Nutzung 430–440 MHz) verwendet. ...


Band Management Værktøj - BandPlan giver bands værktøjer til at hjælpe med at organisere alt fra koncerter og ture, band finanser og intern kommunikation - alt sammen fra et centralt sted. Hvis du er en musiker i et band, er BandPlan noget for dig.